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Lead management, routing and automation for real estate brokers.

Manage all aspects of your lead generation efforts more efficiently, including collection, assignment, sales cycle and follow-up. Gain true visibility of the performance of your sales associates and business partners and see how they’re performing with leads. Track profitability of every lead source, associate and branch office.


Automatically consolidate all your lead sources into one solution using our Lead Capture API and our email parsing technology. We can work with your company web site, Zillow, Buyside, ReadyChat, Realtor.com, Homes.com, and many other lead generation partners.


Automatically route leads to sales associates using round robin or broadcast assignment rules. Set time limits to accept leads. Track acceptance times, multiple inquiries, and much more!


No lead will ever fall through the cracks with LeadTrax. Automatically check in with associates’ progress and the leads assigned to them, and check in with leads to ensure proper customer service. Convert more leads with fast response and consistent follow-ups.


Manage all your real estate leads within a single powerful solution.

Automatically import new leads along with your existing leads for detailed tracking within LeadTrax.


Qualify, rank and assign the right leads to the right agents.

Easily match leads with agents or business partners and incubate the “tire kickers” for future follow-up.


Create reports that help you close more business.

Monitor every aspect of every lead and know which sources are profitable and which agents deliver.


Plans & Pricing

$99 extra per month if exceeding 10,000 monthly emails. Setup fees apply. Includes free version of SMARTS – Sales Transaction Software.

$99 extra per month if exceeding 20,000 monthly emails. Setup fees apply. Includes free version of SMARTS – Sales Transaction Software.

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