CAP Commission Toolbox

Create, Modify, And Analyze Commission Plans


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The makers of Profit Power, the leading Back Office Software in the US, designed CAP. Nobody understands commission plans better than the team behind Profit Power!

CAP stands for Commission Analysis Prediction. It is a commission toolbox that allows broker owners to create unlimited commission plan strategies. CAP can be used when negotiating compensation options for recruits. CAP can forecast the potential revenue to be earned with pending sales. CAP can assist with future planning and budgeting. CAP can provide possible commission plan outcomes for better decision-making. CAP eliminates guessing or making uninformed decisions when confronted with issues related to commission plans.

Check out our videos to learn how to use CAP to structure commission plans that keep your agents happy and your brokerage profitable.

An hour of your time now can save you countless hours later.

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CAP Training Videos

Below are a series of training videos designed to help you use CAP. After watching these videos, you should understand how to use the software to analyze your commission plans and create new plans that benefit your agents and brokerage.