Collect, qualify, assign, follow-up and convert your leads with our customizable lead management software

Manage all your real estate leads with a single solution.

LeadTrax brings all your leads together within a single solution. Import existing leads and automatically send all your lead sources into LeadTrax for easy tracking.

Qualify, rank, and assign the right leads to the right agents.

All leads are not created equal. LeadTrax allows you to easily match an agent with a lead or business partner and incubate the "tire kickers" for future follow-up.

Track agent response times and on-going follow ups.

Our Automation Engine allows you to customize and automate follow-ups so agents remain accountable to the leads you assign them. No more guessing where your best leads should go.

Create reports that help you close more business.

Create custom reports to monitor leads you're receiving, assigning, responding to and closing. Track which sources are profitable and which agents deliver the most closings.
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Lead Capture - Automatically collect all of your lead sources in one single solution for easy management, assignment and follow-up

LeadTrax is designed to automatically collect all of your real estate lead sources so that they can be auto-assigned to the correct listing agent or distributed to a team of agents.
Our team will work with you to identify all of your lead sources. Leads are automatically pushed into LeadTrax in real time with our Lead Capture API or e-mail parsing technology.
We work seamlessly with popular lead generation sources such as, Trulia, and Zillow.
real estate lead management

Lead Assignment - LeadTrax allows for automatic assignment based on customized rules or manual assignment by a Lead Manager

Automatically notify listing agents when there is an inquiry on one of their property listings. Create custom groups to automatically assign leads when they match the group's criteria.
Assign to multiple users simultaneously if a lead qualifies for more than one service your company offers. If a lead isn't accepted in a certain amount of time, retract the lead and re-assign out to the next available agent.

Lead Accountability - Never let a lead fall through the cracks again!

Automated follow-up alerts can be sent to agents assigned to a lead asking for an update if one has not been provided.
Send an email to leads a couple of days after an assignment ensuring proper customer service follow-up.
Run reports that track how fast leads are accepted and updated by agents.

Plans & Pricing

LeadTrax BASIC
$299.00 Per Month
The Basic version includes the essentials for real estate lead management. Ideal for small brokers or agent teams looking to automate lead collection, assignments, and follow-ups with LeadTrax basic business rules and auto-lead collection web services.
Up to 50 user accounts and 2 admin accounts.
Allow agents and loan officers to view, update and set follow-up tasks to the leads you assign to them on both the web and their mobile devices.
Access to LeadTrax standard business rules and email parsers.
Access to lead submission web service.
Free e-mail support and up to one hour of phone support per month.
Up to 10,000 email sends per month.
$99 extra per month if exceeding 10,000 emails per month
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LeadTrax PRO
$499.00 Per Month
Our Pro version is for real estate companies that want the flexibility to add customized business rules for assignments and follow-ups. Our advanced reporting features will help you maximize the return on each and every lead.
Up to 300 user accounts and 3 admin accounts.
Everything included in LeadTrax Basic plus:
Up to 5 custom business rules / workflows and 3 custom email parsers.
LeadTrax uMail and drip marketing email solution. Build custom email templates, pick a time to send out emails and track responses.
Auto update of user accounts.
Free e-mail support and up to three hours of phone support per month.
Up to 20,000 email sends per month.
Set-up fees apply. $99 extra per month if exceeding 20,000 emails per month
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$899.00 Per Month
LeadTrax Enterprise is meant for the large real estate company that needs all the features and support to run a successful and profitable Internet Leads Response Team.
Unlimited admin and 500 user accounts.
Everything included in LeadTrax Pro plus:
Up to 10 custom business rules / workflows and up to 5 custom email parsers.
Unlimited email and phone support.
Unlimited emails sent per month.
Custom capture form creation.
And more...
Set-up fees apply.
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