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Integrate, manage and automate every aspect of your back office & accounting process.

Profit Power ties all of the critical data a real estate broker needs to run daily operations. From managing listings, sales, closings, commission payouts, and more, Profit Power is the central hub for processing closings and paying associates.


Data integration is essential if you are going to run a successful business that aims to grow. Our philosophy has always been to work with any vendor our client requests us to work with, and we have spent a lot of time and effort building APIs that make pushing and pulling data from 3rd party software vendors easy.

Here are a few examples of how we can work with other key technologies to form integrated software solutions:

Listings and Sales Data

Profit Power can pull in listing data from MLS providers from all across the country. We work with website vendors to get listing data, and we integrate with the most popular transaction management vendors in the country. We partner with vendors like SkySlope, DotLoop, and DocuSign daily to pull in listing data and, in many cases, start a sale. The results are a streamlined workflow and reduction in data entry errors.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Profit Power is the system of record for your most critical data, including associate, buyer, and seller information, as well as pending and closed transactions. We work with several types of “post-close” services to provide them with data to streamline processes and automate data flow.

Referrals and Internet Lead Data

One of the biggest challenges real estate companies encounter is tracking a referral fee that needs to be collected or paid on a referral or internet lead. We have a connector with our LeadTrax software to automatically pull in internet lead information in real-time and also work with relocation software and other website vendors who collect internet lead info.

General Ledger Software

Our Enterprise version of Profit Power acts as a sub-ledger to your general ledger software solution. By integrating Profit Power with best-in-class general ledger software solutions, our Enterprise customers benefit by having the full functionality of Profit Power and the complete feature set of established general ledger software platforms. Experience the best of both worlds with an integrated Back Office Accounting solution.



Profit Power offers all of the features needed to manage the transactions of residential real estate. Our software was designed to work with enterprise real estate companies and can handle an unlimited number of companies, branches, agents, commission plans, and transactions with consolidated reporting across companies. Below is a comprehensive list of modules and features within Profit Power. If you don’t see something, please reach out to inquire. Chances are, if it has to do with the closing of a real estate transaction, we can accommodate your request:
  • Listing Management
  • Contact Management
  • Off-the-Top/Off-the-Bottom Deductions
  • Web-Based Reporting for Executives, Branch Managers and Associates
  • Data Conversion Tools
  • Custom Reporting Options
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Commission Calculations
  • Business Partner Tracking (mortgage, title, insurance, etc.)
  • Referral Fees (relocation, internet, broker-to-broker, internal agent-to-agent)
  • Auto-Email Alerts of Critical Data
  • Franchise Fees
  • Sales and Closings
  • 1099 Reporting
  • Agent Billing and Collections (rules-based auto-detection)
  • Broker-Held Escrow Funds Management
  • Laser Check Printing Using Your Own Format

Custom Reporting & Automation

Reporting flexibility is one of the most important features that we provide to our customers. We offer a library of reports built over the past thirty-five years, including year-over-year ranking reports, company/associate earnings comparison reports, and pending deals reports. These are essential reports to understand how your business is doing. When a new customer comes on board, we work to review reporting needs and will customize each report to the customer’s liking.

Web-Based Reporting Options: Profit Power web-based reports for executives, branch managers, and associates.

Profit Power Agent Edge is a web-based portal that allows your agents to access a real-time view into the heart of their business.

Agents can easily access their listings, written sales, closed sales, commission payouts, accounts receivables, client information, and more. The best part is they can do this all through their mobile device.

Business Alert Engine: Our Business Alert Engine helps to automate processes and send key personnel real-time data alerts when a data scenario presents itself. Clients can use this tool to take action on an issue before it is too late or automate sending an email based on a data scenario. Clients can customize the content of alerts.