The Back Office Solution at the Forefront of Successful Real Estate Companies

Profit Power is a fully customized, end-to-end Real Estate Back Office software that contains all the tools and functionality necessary to help Real Estate Brokers streamline processes and improve efficiency and overall profitability.

Streamline closing procedures including commission calculation, accounts receivable and agent check processing.
Make better decisions with real time reporting information that is automatically sent to managers and executives whenever you want.
Eliminate duplicate entry with one comprehensive database that manages listings, sales, agents and customers.
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Profit Power includes everything you need to run your core real estate operations:

Listing Management - import your listings daily from your MLS or your company website.
Sales Management - create pending and closed sales.
Sales Closing Management - process closed transactions and track all payments to agents and outside brokers.
Commission Processing - create your own compensation plans with your own rules.
Unlimited options to allow you to create different commission plans and variations of plans.
Unlimited configuration options for multi-company, multi branch real estate organizations.
Referral management and broker payment module.
Seamless GL Integration with MS Dynamics, QuickBooks, etc.
Bank Reconciliations
Agent Billing / Collection - create your own rules and set-up automatic deductions.
1099 Reporting
Business Partner tracking - report on what ancillary business affiliations are part of closed business.


Listing Data
Transaction management solutions
Relocation and internet lead solutions

Custom Reporting and Data Automation:

Create customizable reports
Automatically email reports to company executives, managers and associates
Alert key personnel if critical data is missing on a deal or is entered incorrectly


Built on Microsoft's SQL database, Profit Power is capable of processing a large number of transactions with ease and with impressive speed. Our security functions provide opportunities to implement Profit Power into branch offices without permitting access to sensitive data or allowing branch managers or administrators to perform tasks they are not authorized to perform.

Web Based Reporting

Our Profit Power web based reporting applications allow everyone from the CEO of the company to a single agent, real time access to data they are authorized to view. Broker/Owners and top level executives can receive real time access to written and closed business for any time period. Branch managers can retrieve up-to-the-second productivity reports for their entire office or just one sales associate with ease. Agents will enjoy 24/7 access to every piece of data that Profit Power collects that is related to the agent's activities such as clients, closings, 1099 earnings, award status and more.



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